Learn About S3Living

Here at S3Living, we see ourselves as helping families find the community that best suits them. Today’s active, savvy seniors want to continue their lifestyle in a retirement community that reflects their independence. Moving to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC or Life Plan Community) is a major life decision. There are a lot of moving parts that need to happen when finding a new home, selling your current one, and moving all of your precious belongings. Thus, it’s a process that’s complex and requires educating yourself about the numerous options out there. S3Living exists to help with the process and making transitioning to the next stage of your life easier. Learn more about S3Living and how our wide range of retirement community living services can help you transition into a new independent home.

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Finding Quality At The Best Price

Our role is to represent your family and your best interests in finding your new home. There are several factors to weigh in considering which Continuing Care Retirement Community fits your needs and is at the best possible price. Our expert advisors listen to what you have to say and take the time to understand your goals. They then recommend the best communities to meet your individual needs and situation. Finding the right retirement community in PA will put your own and your family’s mind at ease.

Because we work for you, not the CCRC or Life Plan Community, you can trust that your family’s best interests are always our top priority. For some, a CCRC isn’t the right fit. An option may be a 55+ active adult community. Just as we advocate for you in searching for an appropriate CCRC, we can do the same here with a 55+ active adult community search. As you learn more about S3Living, you’ll see we always have your best interests in mind. Thus, if we don’t cover the community you are considering, we’ll refer you to a partner agent who we trust who will guide you through the process. We will work in any way we can to make sure you and your family are satisfied with your new home.

How We Help Families

Because there is no single, one-size-fits-all solution for every individual’s needs, activity levels, and other preferences, we help match families to the right life plan community. For example, there are several scenarios where contacting S3Living would be the best option such as:

  • Perhaps you’re interested in the various types of independent living retirement communities but can’t quite figure out the differences between them. 
  • You or your spouse has a medical condition, and you need a retirement community with healthy options.
  • You’ve seen long-term care insurance products associated with certain living communities and want to know more.
  • You want to move but are unsure how to go about selling your home in the current market.
  • The idea of moving a lifetime of possessions and downsizing is daunting, but you want to move.
  • As a child-free couple, you need help navigating the complexities of moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

If any of these scenarios seem familiar, then reach out to S3Living today at 833.405.0263. When you do, we represent you and provide education, guidance, and advocacy for you every step of the way. We take you through the process of determining your needs, explain options that may fit, and help you sell your home to transition into the CCRC of your choice. Start the next chapter of your life with S3Living retirement community living services in Pennsylvania.