Making the transition to independent senior living is no minor decision. The process of selling your home, finding a suitable community, and then practicalities of moving can be daunting. Thus, having an advocate working with you throughout the process can get you exactly what you want for the next stage of your life. At S3Living, we strive to make the process of finding your new home in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) as painless as possible. We have helped hundreds of families work through this important decision.

When you meet with one of our expert advisors, we’ll explain to you exactly what a Continuing Care Retirement Community entails. We’ll answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Together, we’ll develop a plan of action. Your advisor will take the time to understand your needs for a retirement community from the smallest to the largest issue. They’ll listen to your goals and hopes for the future and show you what options exist and how best to take advantage of them. Because finding a life plan community or finding a CCRC is no small task, we work patiently and deliberately to deliver to you the best service possible.

senior man on the phone in the process of finding your new home

The Process of Finding Your New Home

With our assistance, your family’s journey to finding a new home at a life plan community or CCRC involves three phases:

  1. Education: We’ll introduce your family to a wide range of options available for senior living. We will explain what Continuing Care Retirement Communities can offer and the different stages of the continuum of care services. Also, we’ll help you understand the types of contracts and the complexities of pricing structures within these communities. We will break down the pros and cons. Our goal during this phase is to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your family, concerning all of the different options that are available to you.
  2. Guidance: Once you understand your options, you will want to take some time to consider if a CCRC is right for you. Your S3Living advisor will help you work through your concerns, evaluate and prioritize your needs, and answer any questions you may have as you consider this big decision. We will help you determine which type of community and continuum of care services might best fit your needs.
  3. Advocacy: Once you decide CCRC living is right for you, S3Living becomes your family’s advocate in the negotiation process with the community you have chosen. We work with these communities every day. We’ll leverage our strong relationships ensuring that you don’t pay too much for your new home. Further, we make sure you receive the amenities and continuum of care services you desire. 

S3Living has a vast network of communities. However, you may not find what you want among them. Yet, we stay by your side, helping you find the right locality. Thus, whether you choose a community that is in our network or not, you’ll still find yourself saving time and money.

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It’s always difficult going through the process of finding a new home. Among all the technical questions and issues, emotions can run high. You know what you want, but you may not know how to go about finding it. This is where S3Living comes in. Here at S3Living, we advocate your family’s best interests. With our experience navigating the world of real estate and transitioning into Continuing Care Retirement Communities and 55+ active adult communities, you know you have someone you can trust. By listening to what your goals and needs are, we advise you and find options that best fit what you desire.

We work for you. Making the transition to independent senior living doesn’t need to be a hassle or confusing. Contact S3Living to guide you through the process of finding your new home. So reach out to us today at 833.405.0263 and talk to us today.