As an independent senior, you’ve spent a lifetime building up your nest-egg and retirement. It’s now time to enjoy the fruit fo your labor. But it doesn’t make any sense spending your hard-earned retirement on costly facilities. One of the important things to consider when making a decision to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community is affordability. Pricing structures for these types of communities can vary and are often a bit complicated. While some offer a basic rental style agreement, others use more complex pricing structures. Additionally, the perks and expectations you and your family have will affect not only what types of independent living you desire but which are available to you. However, with S3Living’s help, you can find not just the best-priced community but the one you feel most comfortable.

When it comes time to consider pricing, our consultants are experts in senior living communities. They will walk your family through the options, explaining the pros and cons of each type of payment structure. Once you choose the CCRC that you would like to call home, we will advocate for you during the negotiation process to ensure that you will not pay too much and that you will receive the continuum of care that you desire. There are several types of independent living, making finding the right facility a challenge if you’re on your own. The purpose of affordable senior living is to remove the headache and hassle from your life so you can get to doing the things you most desire. Let S3Living guide you through the process of finding a new home and be your advocate.

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Types of Independent Living

Typically, you’ll find there are four types of independent living community plans. These are scaled from most expensive, offering the most amenities to least expensive guaranteeing services as needed. Understanding your personal finances is vital at this stage of selection and take the long view as you set up your home where you’ll age in place. The types of independent living include:

  • Extensive or Life Contracts: These contracts are the most expensive. However, there is a reason for it being so as they provide unlimited access to healthcare and other services with little or no increase in the monthly maintenance fee.
  • Modified Contracts: With this contract, residents get the same unlimited access as an Extensive Contract. However, residents must pay for healthcare as needed. Thus the monthly fee is adjusted based on use and market rates for services
  • Fee-for-Service Contracts: Offering a lower enrollment fee, residents will pay for healthcare and other services as needed. 
  • Rental Agreements: Often, this option has no fee or a very low one providing residents with access to the CCRC’s services as they are requested.

Determining the senior housing that best fits your needs requires not just an understanding of your own requirements, but of what’s available to you in the range you can afford. Having S3 Living at your side to negotiate contracts to get you the optimal deal gives you the edge you need to move into affordable senior living seamlessly.

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