Nationwide, there are nearly 2000 Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Often, getting into one takes time as families and individuals negotiate. These communities are designed for independent seniors (over 62) in good health to live without the headache and maintenance of everyday homeowning issues. While they provide numerous benefits, the core benefit of finding a CCRC is that it recognizes the value of independent living. These communities are made of active, independent seniors like yourself who demand comfort as they age.

At a CCRC, you and your spouse are provided with regular meals when you choose. The facilities offer entertainment, wellness programs, and excursions. However, while these are some of the services you pay for a member, they are optional. Fundamentally, you are still an independent, active senior able to go where you desire and do what you want. But why not eliminate hassle, reduce the toll work and maintenance takes on your body, and enjoy the fruits of your lifetime of work. CCRCs are a means to transition into a new stage of your life but retain all your former independence.

buyer representative explaining the value of independent living to senior couple

The Value of Independent Living

At S3Living, we’ve seen the difference it makes in the lives of families when their senior members transition from their homes to an independent living community. Life picks up. It becomes more vibrant. This is because there’s a sense of community and level of activity that independent living communities offer. It changes the lives of residents for the better.

For this reason, S3Living does what we do–advocating for families and helping them find the CCRC that best fits their needs. We know the value of independent living, which is why we believe in helping seniors make the best choices for the next stage of their lives.

Attempting to navigate the transition to a Continuing Care Retirement Community can be overwhelming. This is why you want an experienced advocate at your side. We have the expertise and insight, not to push you towards something you’re not interested in but to fit the exact right fit for your family. We’ll be by your side to provide education, guidance, and advocacy as you work your way from researching and selecting the right community to making a move.

The Value of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

We strongly believe in the value of Continuing Care Retirement Communities. S3Living has seen the difference moves to a CCRC have made time and time again. They work. They breathe new life into individuals while respecting their independence and desires.

These special communities provide independent living at its best, with amenities and social events to keep residents connected, active, and energized. They provide a sense of belonging and community that is often not available for seniors who age in their homes. But perhaps most importantly of all, they offer families peace of mind. S3Living finds the right home for you that’s safe and vibrant.

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At S3Living, we advocate your family’s best interests. With our experience navigating the world of real estate and transitioning into Continuing Care Retirement Communities and 55+ active adult communities, you know you have someone you can trust. By listening to what your goals and needs are, we advise you and find options that best fit what you desire.

Making the transition from your home to senior independent living is a major decision. S3Living makes sure you get the answers you need to make the most informed decision possible. Some of the questions we ask and find answers for from Continuing Care Retirement Communities on your behalf include:

  • Perhaps most importantly, does the CCRC culture fit with your expectations? 
  • What role do residents play in the decision-making process of the CCRC?
  • How well is the staff trained? 
  • Do staff members go through criminal background checks?
  • What is the staff-to-patient ratio in each living setting? Will residents get the attention they expect?
  • Is the CCRC maintained to your standards?
  • If your family’s health declines, is there a memory impairment or Alzheimer’s service?
  • Does the CCRC have a reciprocal agreement with nearby communities?

We work for you to get the most value out of independent living. Making the transition to independent senior living doesn’t need to be a hassle or confusing. Allow S3Living to guide you. So contact us today at 833.405.0263 and talk to us today.