Thinking of a Move?

What’s your goal?

If you’re considering a move to a continuing care retirement community or 55+ active adult community, you need to know what your goals and options. S3Living is here to advocate and educate. Take a look at the options available to you in this handy guide of S3 Living resources.

Learn More About Senior Independent Living

S3Living’s goal is to educate and advocate for your family. Thus, it’s important you have access to the S3Living resources that can help you during this transition.

Understanding Your Needs

group of smiling seniors at the beach after using s3 living resourcesMaking the decision to transition to senior independent living is a major life decision. Thus, you need to consider what your needs are at the moment and what they might be in the future. Doing so will help you understand what continuing care retirement community or 55+ active adult community will best suit you or your family’s needs.

For example, do you have any difficulties with daily activities or completing tasks you once did with ease? If this is the case, then a CCRC may be a good fit for you. Especially one that offers a progressive system of care that grows with your needs. As you get older, you may experience health issues requiring a higher level of care. Finding the CCRC with the most comprehensive healthcare plan is something you may want to look into.

However, you might not need that now. As an independent senior needing minimal help, the right community for you may be one designed for 55+ active adults. Yet, it always brings peace of mind to know the community you’re living in has access to healthcare providers and protocols in place.

Understanding your needs and the needs of your family makes deciding on where to live next that much easier. S3Living exists to help you with this choice. We’ll provide you with information, explain your options, and take you through the process so you find the best location for you.

Common Myths About Senior Living

Aren’t retirement communities all the same?: The answer is absolutely not. Just as every home you’ve ever lived in is different, every retirement community and 55+ active adult community is different. These facilities are designed to provide you with independent senior living, so each will offer different amenities, layouts, and have a different community culture. At S3Living, we know moving to a new home involves more than just picking a place you like. It’s about finding the neighborhood, the community, that best fits your desires.

A retirement community means the end of my active life.: This is just blatantly untrue. You’ve worked hard your whole life, moving to a continuing care retirement community or 55+ active adult community is what you’ve been working towards. It’s the home that will free up your days allowing you to do the things you’ve always wanted. At S3Living, we’ve seen it with our own eyes. When surrounded by like-minded peers and with the burdens of home maintenance lifted, your family can live its best life.

How Can I Get Started?

If a Continuing Care Retirement Community or 55+ active adult community sounds like something you’d be interested in, then the best way to get started is by reaching out to S3Living at 833.405.0263.

Also, you can browse through our databases of CCRCs and 55+ communities. No matter what, our experienced experts can answer any questions, explain the process, and help you make the transition to senior independent living. Contact us today to access more S3Living resources.